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Complete IELTS Preparation course

To help you get the band score you need

This course has helped more than 25000 students from around the world. It is an effective tool to help students achieve the band score they need (such as 8,7,7,7 for Canadian Immigration).

Our unique approach has helped our students get the IELTS band score they need.

What is included in the course?

Proven Method to get band 7, 8 or 9

This course is carefully planned to help you prepare for your IELTS test and achieve the band score you need through our video lectures, practice test, past-paper practice, tips on each skills, support on how to answer questions and most importantly our online teacher support with 8-16 live classes. We will make sure you are ready to get that band score you need. The course comes with the following benefits:

Note: As we provide individual online teacher support therefore we only offer limited number of admissions every month.
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Our famous IELTS course has been featured on
Who are we?

Why have we been able to successfully help students from around the world?

  • Live classes
  • Continuous online Teacher support
  • Global IELTS training since 2003
  • Helped more than 25000 students from Middle East, Asia, Africa and North America
  • Our lead teachers have been IELTS examiners since 2003
  • MY IELTS® course has helped emigrants move to Canada, Australia, UK and USA
  • MY IELTS® course has helped students get into high ranked universities.
  • MY IELTS® course has helped nurses move to the UK, Canada, USA and Australia.
  • MY IELTS® has helped students get a scholarship based on their IELTS.
  • We understand your weaknesses and we know how to change them in to success.
Live IELTS Classes with online training platform

In order to help you achieve band 7, 8 or 9 we have prepared the course content in 10 units, each unit has approximately 10 topics and around 40 practice assignments. The course also includes e-books, practice papers and most importantly, Online Teacher Support!

The Course is divided in to 10 main Units. Each Main unit has more than 10 lessons

60 practice tests (15 each for Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening)

Tips on Achieving band 7, 8 or 9


Download IELTS course catalgue

Enrol to the  intensive IELTS preparation course +
12 live Classes

To achieve the band score you need.

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